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    We, SS GRANDEUR are here to help at every stages of visa filing to the embassy interview. Once the decision is made our consultancy would be your best choice. Our CEO is an ambitious experienced personality who deals all the applications in person with prior care. He is affiliated with direct US offices in regard to all the visa applications. He has played a key role in various successful and happy immigrants. He takes every opportunity as challenging ones for him to achieve and invest full on energy towards it success!

    Achieving a visa isn’t a hectic task for you with our help! As of course visa refusal is always the fear factor and disappointing for every applicant, This can be dealt easily by SS Grandeur team as we are experienced consulting agent now in Kochi. We deal directly from our US head office and filing is done under expertise supervision by our CEO and President.

    We understand many refusals occurs due to lack of knowledge in filing the application providing incomplete detail or poor performance at the visa interviews. In that event it is always wise full to entrust it to our consultancy.